Travel by car

Travelling by car is perhaps the easiest method to explore the country and its diversity in toto. We assist our clients in hiring best cars for travel in India making their journey cosy and comfortable. Right from economical car rental services to travel by luxury cars, we have all the solutions under one roof. On the one hand we take care that clients get full privacy; we offer full assistance and are just a call away.

By travelling the country in a car, the guests can have first-hand experience of the rustic life which is also the heart and soul of India. As this traveller’s paradise country has a vast stretch of countryside with villages and hamlets along the roads, tourists can hop off the car and explore real India that resides in villages.

Another major advantage of exploring the country by hiring a car for travel in India is that tourists have the freedom to decide their halts and give a break to their journey. As per their itinerary they can also plan a halt at a hotel and get a feel of the rustic life of Indian villages by meeting people living in the villages and hamlets and interacting with them with the assistance of a travel guides. Travelling by car also allows tourists to devote time as per their choice to a particular destination or countryside rather than bound by tight schedule of tour bus or guided tour.

We at Holiday in Rajasthan to assist you in arranging cars of your choice. Depending on your budget and needs, we have a range of cars including SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks for city or small tours and we also provide motorbikes and bikes, all at affordable rentals.

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